We have managed to establish the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF COLPOSCOPY (INACOLP), which is comprised of High-Specialty Human Resource and Modern Technology Equipment. Allowing us to offer the general population a first-world care system.

With great concern, we realized that every day, there is a greater incidence of Lower Genital Tract pathologies: Cervix, Vagina, and Vulva, and as a consequence of this, there is an increase in mortality.

Our constant 15 years of work in the development of colposcopy has allowed us to implement a modern methodology of work in INACOLP, based on our scientific experience and criteria. This methodology is fused with high-tech equipment, so we can develop effective Lower Genital Tract prevention.

Experience in the colposcopy specialty, through the years, allows us to be pioneers in the 21st century, where preventive evaluations of Lower Genital Tract for women are a must, with the help of modern technology, resulting in digital colposcopies.

The development of advanced colposcopy, with scientific bases and carried out by a Colposcopy-and-Pathology-of-the-Lower-Genital-Tract certified professional allows for the fulfillment of the real prevention concept: to diagnose and to treat; Eradicating pre-malignant lesions in a timely and accurate manner.

In INACOLP, we have managed to consolidate a modern care system and a culture of colposcopy, allowing patients from different latitudes of the country and abroad affordable prevention treatments.

Our challenges continue every day, through academic strengthening and high technology, in order to offer our patients preventive care with high professionalism.

Latin American Colposcopy Expert F. LP. T.G.I.C. 2013
National Institute of Colposcopy of Panama
Founder and medical Director
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