The National Institute of Colposcopy (INACOLP) and all its human resource, gives you the warmest welcome to our website, in which you will have information about the services that we offer. We also present updated topics, of great interest, such as colposcopy, electrosurgery, human papillomavirus, cervical cancer, among others.

INACOLP is a non-governmental institution, with preventive mysticism, at the service of the general population, whose main objective is to reduce the incidence and mortality rate due to Lower Genital Tract cancers: cervix, vagina, vulva and anus.

The Institute comprises certified human resource, highly trained, to professionally perform the following studies: ADVANCED COLPOSCOPY (Diagnostic and Therapeutic), VAGINOSCOPY, VULVOSCOPY, HIGH RESOLUTION ANOSCOPY, ANDROSCOPY and ADVANCED HYSTEROSCOPY (Diagnostic and Therapeutic).

INACOLP has high-tech equipment, which, coupled with scientific knowledge, guarantees effective prevention, which contributes to excellent quality of life for every woman.

As a visitor to our website, you have the opportunity to join the interesting COLPOSCOPY scenario, a modern method used in the institute for the detection and timely eradication of premalignant lesions of the Lower Genital Tract.

Our staff has the willingness to provide you with professional quality care and human warmth, required for patients and families, to feel in a comfortable and trustworthy environment.

We appreciate your visit and hope that with the valuable information you have obtained, you become a multiplier agent for the prevention of cervical cancer.